Propogate static route in routing updates?

I have an a network as follows

all routers are cisco routers

Remote 1
Remote 2

Main router is in the middle of the 2 remote routers.

On the main router I have a loopback

How can I create a static route on the main router and have it propogate in the routing updates to the remote 1 and remote 2 router?

I was under the impression that this cannot be done unless its with a routing protocol, but ive been told other wise today. Can someone help me out?
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qbakiesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The only way routes are 'propagated' between routers is with a routing protocol.  If you are using all Cisco then setup EIGRP and to propagate the static routes use the command 'redistribute static'.
John_T21Author Commented:
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