google analytics conversion tracking code - where do i find it?

I can't find the answer to this anywhere on Google Analytics help pages, so I'm thinking maybe they discontinued conversion tracking.

I am looking for the CONVERSION tracking code (ie Javascript) that you put on your OrderThankYou page so that I may track the actual sale.  Google has 10,000 pages on why this is important, but no links, info, NADA on where you actually get the code!
Plenty of links to the regular tracking code, which I already have.
I'm STUMPED! Either they no longer do conversions on Analytics or they like to hide the code deep within the system.
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Joshua TitsworthConnect With a Mentor Digital Marketing SpecialistCommented:
When you sign in to analytics click on the site in question then on the far right in the same row as the site you are wishing to set up a conversion in click 'edit'. At this screen the second box will be titled 'goals' once you create a goal go back to the screen where the goals are listed below the first box titled 'main website profile information' just above and to the right of this box the words 'receiving data' 'check status will be located. Check status will be highlighted as a link, click on it and this page will give you the tracking code you need to track events as they happen on the pages you choose to accomplish your conversion goals.
bd9000Author Commented:
I set up a URL goal to the orderconfirmation.aspx page.
Now, the top right box says "Waiting for Data" (indefinitely - it has never changed).
So, I'm stuck again - How can they VERIFY anything without the JAVASCRIPT CODE that they DON'T SUPPLY?!?!
This is maddening!!!
bd9000Author Commented:
I see the regular page tracking code.  That is not what I need. I need the code/script for the final orderconfirmation page where I can inject the order subtotal into the script.  That's all.  I don't know why they make this insanely difficult.
gwkgConnect With a Mentor Commented:
      '1234',           // order ID - required
      'Womens Apparel', // affiliation or store name
      '28.28',          // total - required
      '1.29',           // tax
      '15.00',          // shipping
      'San Jose',       // city
      'California',     // state or province
      'USA'             // country

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