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Hello all,
I have a view in SQL showing as a dataFormWebPart, with a few fields, Sales, Number of Sales.
I would like to add a red/green/yellow indicator in a column if these fields are greater that a trigger point, also a field in my view.
It would go something like this: If(@30daySales>@30DayTrigger then GreenIcon, Else If(@30daySales>@30DayTrigger1 then YellowIcon Else If(@30daySales<@30DayTrigger then redIcon.

Also, Would I have to upload these images in an Image Library or are they included in SP?

I ran across the how-to before but cannot find it now. Any help would be great.


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georgekhalilConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can utilise the inbuilt DVWP available via SharePoint Designer to achieve this...
Ted BouskillSenior Software DeveloperCommented:
@georgekhalil: The Data View Web Part and the Data Form Web Part are the same thing.  The user is already using it.

Conditional formatting is achieved using custom XSLT which is demonstrated in this article:

Generally all data in Sharepoint is rendered using XML which can be customized using XSLT when displayed on the page.
@tedbilly, sorry my bad, intention wasn't to repeat what the author had stated, however I was merely pointing to the EUSP article that goes in some depth on what is possible in integrating colored indicators as required by the author.
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