How can I improve my wireless connection speed

Posted on 2010-03-30
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Last Modified: 2013-11-09
Dell Optiplex 960
 Linksys Wireless-G Business USB Network Adapter with RangeBooster – WUSB200 and
3Com OfficeConnect Wireless 106 MBps 11g Cable/DSL Router (3CRWER200-75)
I am hoping someone can help me figure out why I am having issues with my home internet connection.
I am running Windows 7 (before I was running XP professional and there still was the same issue), my connection seems extremely slow (I have a 10Mb connection), I may be in the middle of a connection and it will suddenly drop, most times if I go to a HTTPs site it will hang.  Sometimes the only fix is to restart the computer.  There are times that I can make a connection with Google Chrome to a website where I normally use Firefox.  The whole thing is extremely confusing, are there tests I can use to determine where the problem lies or could it be with the equipment.

Question by:ISSit
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Hi, is this from a certain position in the house?  Have you relocated the laptop right on top of the router to see if the speed improves or does it just remain at 10 no matter how close you go or where you are located?  Also, try changing channels and ensure you are running WPA2 with security on your router.  This will ensure that nobody is wardriving your wireless access.  

More than likely this is simple interference or just a crappy router.  You can do a few things to fix, but more than likely you are looking at buying a new one, calling support, or seeing if their is a firmware update out there for your linksys router.  

Also, ensure you get decent connect and download speeds by directly connecting to the router switch and from wireless.  Their should be a considerable difference in speed.  If not then there is definitely something wrong with the router.  If you bypass the router and connect into the DSL modem and still receive the same speeds then you need to contact your provider.

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by:Justin Ellenbecker
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Also have you tried drivers for the card I know Windows 7 would have newer drivers but he manufacturer may have even newer drivers.  Drivers can make a world of difference after you try the other stuff listed in the post above.

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Make sure you have the latest firmware for the router. After you install the firmware, make sure you reset the router to factory defaults.

I would disable security on the router temporarily to see if that shores up the connection. If it does, I would enable MAC address filtering on the router, and turn off SSID broadcast and limit the connections to just your MAC address, and let that be your security. Many time separate manufacturers of adapters and routers have conflicts with encryption security.

If you have your router set to auto-select it's channel, set it to a single channel and see if that helps.

Since your adapter is also USB, try getting a simple USB extension cable and raising your adapter up to a higher point where it (may be) less obstructed.

In homes the primary cause of interference like yours is 2.4GHz home phones, microwaves, and other various appliances. Keep that in mind when you connection drops (for instance, is someone using a microwave when it happens?)
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I have had about 50-72 wireless client cards.  A good USB   ACTIVE Extension . ACTIVE not a standard passive extension.  Cable can help you.
By allowing you to move the client to  more places in search of good reception.  Higher like stated is often better then lower.    
Do not use a passive extension .  on most clients you loose signal AFTER 3 feet.        If you went 10 feet with a passive extension 90% of the time you will 
have a terrible connection from 50'.
More in  a bit.

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Shorten your USB cable.

After I think six-foot you loose hi-speed USB 2.0 certification .  
Use an app like NEtstumbler to figure out what other wireless signals in the are are on you r channel.   Change it to a less crowded.
Also I have had some cards run too hot when plug in to the "HIGH power " USB.  

Shorten your USB cable.   Try  as short as you can.    

Let me know if you can not get it to work.

Goto go right now......

Shorten your USB cable.


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Selvol,  my computer is approximately 10 yards from my router, the cable connecting the adapter to the computer is short.  Signal strength was about -54 Rssi, Netstumbler does not work with Windows 7, found inSSIDer.  
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Well, I guess the cable can be ruled out.     

And yo state it has been this slow since win7.  

The fact is Win7 or any other OS can not speed up your internet connection.  As you may know.  You mights see the same speed win Win95.
Sounds like the wifi is likely not the problem.
" are there tests I can use to determine where the problem lies or could it be with the equipment."
GOTO Speedtest.net   and check you Speed a few times.   Note the speed.
Yes, connect directly to the Modem if possible.
GOTO Speedtest.net   and check you Speed a few times   Note the speed.  IF not possible then connect Directly the the router via Lan cable.   Then if needed 
C onnect Directly the the router via Lan cable.   GOTO Speedtest.net   and check you Speed a few times 
  Note the speed and compare.

the 10MB speed you are seeing has nothing to do with your internet speed.  It is the speed from your computer to the router/modem. 
If the speed on the TESTs taken are dramatically different.  
We now know it is wither the WIFi card or the Router. Depending on is you connected to the modem or router directly .

If the change is not dramatic.
. If you are using a cable modem Then you need to check all the COaX connections around the house.  Tighten them up.
Check for splitters. Remove any not needed splitters.
If the house or cable is older then 15 years.  You could have some bad cable. Or even if it is new the same can be true.
Too many TV's can cause a week signal.
A "Cable signal Booster" Used to improve the input strength for long runs of cable or many tv;s  . Are mostly 1 way AMPS.  So they can hurt your signal.



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1.You have excellent signal at -54. What about on the Ap side. Check the signal on both sides.
2. Does inSIDDer show any interference?
3. The other issue could be Malware and nothing to do with your network setup.
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All the above are causes of a slow connection.  
Before you go and run test.  Check the coax connection.   The part that concerns me. And leads me to assume Hardware is the 10mb connection.  

Also if I may ask.  Why are you using a "Range Booster"  from such a short  distance?   The more pieces of hardware  between you and the internet. Makes things slower.
But not as slow as you are stating from a range booster.

Any how hope you get a faster conection?

Check you Modem should be at least docsis2 for cable.  



Author Closing Comment

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Turns out that the issue was with the router, but used some of the test and thoughts to come to this conclusion.  Thank all of you, sometimes one cannot see the forest for the trees.....

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