Filezilla Server error when scanning from Konica

Hello Experts:

Am attempting to scan ftp from Konica 7145 to Filezilla server on xp pc. I get this error in Filezilla when doing so:

(000001) 3/30/2010 14:38:16 PM - scan (> 550 CWD failed. "/SCAN": directory not found.

Notice that the "/" is the wrong direction -- the path that I enter in the konica is simply "scan", the "/" is built into the konica firmware just like when I set up smb.

FYI - the machine is giving me a hard time when I scan to smb also, which is why I'm going with plan B -- ftp...

Firewall off, antivirus off, the error on the Konica (n87) inidctates that it is a file permission issue, but within filezilla the home directory for scan is set to scan and all boxes checked. The folder is also shared and wide open.

I'm thinking the "/" is squirly, but not too familiar with filezilla server either... anybody have any ideas??? 500 points if you can help -- thanks

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b0lsc0ttConnect With a Mentor IT ManagerCommented:
The slash (/) may be added by Filezilla but should be something you can work with.  Where is the SCAN folder in relation to the home folder for the FTP account?  If you manually log in to the same FTP account where is that SCAN folder in relation to the directory you start in?  With that info you should be able to provide a path that will allow filezilla to work (or realize the login isn't going to the right folder).

HowlermunkeyAuthor Commented:

Well Plan C it is then -- I'll scan to box and use scantrip :).

 Well if anyone has some pointers on filezilla, maybe I did something wrong lemme know and Ill get you 500. Thanks all
HowlermunkeyAuthor Commented:
Never could get it to work, the "/" is added by that series konica :(, but had some good points. Thanks for the input.
HowlermunkeyAuthor Commented:

 I just figured out the solution. (by working on another Konica 7255)

On the Konica interface, when entering the file path, enter "\" (a backslash) ONLY. The software (filezilla) knows where it goes from there.

I always use smb, but some of the older konicas don't have this, or, sometimes smb just doesnt work -- security issues,windows 7 funk,  funky network etc.)  so ftp is a good alternative.

Here are my ftp settings on the Konica :
profile name :  scan (whatever you want the button on konica to say)

host address :  (local ip -- address of filezilla server)

file path : \

login: ftpuser (local user set up in filezilla with home directory set to (example) c:\scan -- which you have to create)

password -- also set in filezilla


one more note, in this scenario I would download filezilla server (free) to the one machine -- 114, and set all ftp buttons to go to this machine (file server) -- I then map out the individual folders to each user as  network shares.

fyi -- konica ftp utility doesn't  start on its own, and has no log files -- no joy :(

your welcome ;)

HowlermunkeyAuthor Commented:
Just wanted to clarify what you do with multiple users on a ftp setup like above --

so i have 1 user in filezilla (ftpuser) --
 whose Home directory is set to c:\scan
by putting "\" in file path it finds Home on its own , but , multiple users , say "bookeeper" for example

I would create a folder called "bookeeper" inside "scan" -- the home directory
the file path, in the konica for that user, is then simply   bookeeper
just make sure the user you use (you should use only one) has a home directory set and all subfolders -
bookeeper , accountant, Jane, etc , are inside the Home directory and you are GTG.
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