Export Webform Results to Word Document

In the past I've created ASP.Net Web forms where the submitted info is sent to a SQL table and email notifications, with the same info, are sent to the requestor, and the people that need to complete the requests.

I need take that same info and save it to a specified location as a word doc. Below is the code to send out email. The existing text would be implemented on the word doc so they would have a uniform appearance.

Public Sub Send_Email()
        Dim Mail As New MailMessage()
        Dim mailBody As String

        Mail.From = New MailAddress("sender@domain.com")
        Mail.To.Add(strUser & "@domain.com")
        Mail.Subject = "Important Request"
        mailBody = "The following information has been submitted for an Important Request:" & "<br/>" & "<br/>"
        mailBody &= "<b>Server Name:  </b>" & TextBox1.Text & "<br/>"
        mailBody &= "<b>Server OS:  </b>" & DropDownList2.Text & "<br/>"
        mailBody &= "<b>Windows License? :  </b>" & DropDownList1.Text & "<br/>"
        mailBody &= "<b>Patch Window:  </b>" & TextBox3.Text & "<br/>"
        mailBody &= "<b>Administrator:  </b>" & TextBox4.Text & "<br/>"
        mailBody &= "<b>IIS Needed:  </b>" & DropDownList5.Text & "<br/>"
        mailBody &= "<b>Amount of Disk Space:  </b>" & TextBox6.Text & "<br/>"
        mailBody &= "<b>Disk Layout:  </b>" & TextBox7.Text & "<br/>"
        mailBody &= "<b>Memory (RAM):  </b>" & TextBox8.Text & "<br/>"
        mailBody &= "<b>Primary Application:  </b>" & TextBox9.Text & "<br/>"
        mailBody &= "<b>Database Connected:  </b>" & DropDownList10.Text & "<br/>"
        mailBody &= "<b>Requesting Department: </b>" & TextBox14.Text & "<br/>"
        mailBody &= "<b>Contact Person: </b>" & TextBox11.Text & "<br/>"
        mailBody &= "<b>Contact Phone:  </b>" & TextBox12.Text & "<br/>"
        mailBody &= "<b>SAN Space Purchased:  </b>" & DropDownList13.Text & "<br/>"
        mailBody &= "<b>Date Submitted:  </b>" & strDate & "<br/>"
        mailBody &= "<b>Requestor:  </b>" & strUser & "<br/>"

        Mail.Body = mailBody
        Mail.Priority = MailPriority.High ' Normal, Low or High
        Mail.IsBodyHtml = True

        Dim smtp As New SmtpClient("mail.domain")
        Catch ex As Exception
            MsgBox(Err.Description & vbCrLf & ex.ToString)
            Exit Sub
        End Try
    End Sub

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This might help you: http://www.codeproject.com/KB/aspnet/wordapplication.aspx

One thing to note, in order for this to work office must be installed on the server the site is running on.

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It is not recommended to have Office installed on the server. Use a 3rd party tool such as this which does not require office

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