Unknown Error randomly on delete

Installed exchange 2010 over the weekend.  Email appears to be working (outgoing and incoming).  Still having some minor trouble.   The biggest of this trouble is that randomly when a user tries to delete an email they get notice of an 'unknown error' and the email isn't deleted.  Any thoughts on cause or how to fix this?  Thanks
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you have not empasis the issue, still check this if it Helps

This is known issue with Outlook 2003 connecting to Exchange 2010. With Outlook 2007 you will not face this issue at all. This happens because pooling has been stoped in Exchange 2010 and Outlook 2003 uses pooling services .
So if you wnat to get rid of the error message then use Outlook in cached exchange mode or you need to upgrade the outlook client to 2007

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If the user’s mailbox is on Exchange Server 2010 and the client is using Outlook 2003, when deleting an e-mail, the email does not disappear until you select another email or click Send/Receive or change folders and change back. Similar behaviour happens when moving emails to other folders.
When deleting multiple emails by holding down the delete key, the items are deleted from the Exchange Server, but are not removed from the client view


Outlook 2003 supports UDP and polling notifications.  Exchange 2007 supports UDP, polling and Asynchronous notifications.  Exchange 2010 supports only polling and Asynchronous notfiications.
UDP notification support was removed from Exchange 2010. As a result, Outlook 2003 users whose mailboxes are moved to Exchange Server 2010 can only use polling notifications in online mode, which are still supported by RPC Client Access. This will result in a slight delay in updates to item status (30 seconds on average up to a 1 minute delay) when changes are made to items in a mailbox accessed by Outlook 2003.


There are three workarounds for this issue.
•      Use Outlook 2003 in cached mode only.
•      Adjust the polling interval on the Client Access server.
•      Or upgrade it to Outlook 2007/2010.
How to adjust the polling interval on the Client Access Server:
Registry key on CAS is "HKLM\CurrentControlSet\Services\MSExchangeRPC\ParametersSystem\Maximum Polling Frequency"

The value is configurable between 5000-120000 ms.  Outlook does not check less than 10sec so anything under 10000ms will generally have the same effect.

This basically eases the pain (view is updated in 10 seconds vs. 60 seconds) but doesn’t fix the problem.  Unfortunately it’s the best we can do short of re implementing UDP support.

This will impact the performance of the Client Access server.
For information on how to adjust the polling interval, see here.
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