Backup Exec notifications not working Exchange 2007 & SBS 2008

New server install of SBS 2008 with BackupExec 2010.  I've done this a million times: added smtp info, added recipient, sent test, configured recipient to for the job logs.  However, first time with SBS 2008 and BackupExec 2010.  No matter the account I use for SMTP, the tests nor the logs get sent to outside addresses. Any help would be appreciated.
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ITGhostConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I simply had to change the server name to in the SMTP configuration of the Backup Exec program. Worked perfectly.
Create a Send Connector On Exchange

ITGhostAuthor Commented:
How does that apply when the Exchange server is the same as the Backup server?  There would be not "Remote network settings" needed to configure.  
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