How do I export a Crystal Report to an Excel file so that all data appears on one line in Excel?

Hello Experts,
I'm trying to export a Crystal Report to an Excel worksheet.  Everything diplayed in the Crystal report is in one Group Header Section...which includes about three subreports.  The problem is when I export to Excel, everything appears in the same row in Excel except for the last column of data which appears on the next row.  How can I ensure that everything will be displayed on the same line in Excel, or how can I shift the last column of data in Excel up one row?  Everything needs to be in one row in Excel to allow sorting by any of the columns.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  
Janice SmithSystems AnalystAsked:
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TracyVBA DeveloperCommented:
What section in Crystal is the last column located?  Is it in a group footer, for totaling?  If it is, move it to the Details section, along with your data and you can either do a running total or a summary on the change value of the group section.

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Janice SmithSystems AnalystAuthor Commented:
All of the data displayed in Crystal is in the same Group Header Section.
Make sure the your fields are aligned at the top.
I've seen returns within a field heading cause extra rows also.
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Have you tried Exporting to Excel Data Only? That might strip it down a little too much for you, but it is what I recommend to my users when they want to sort and do other things after exporting from Crystal.
Janice SmithSystems AnalystAuthor Commented:
Everything is aligned at the top, and it still does not export as desired.  I just moved the last field on the Crystal report (which is actually a subreport) over to the second column position on the report, and now it doesn't appear in the next row when exported.  Prior to moving this over, I had two subreports right next to each other, so maybe this had something to do with the problem??  If the user is okay with the change, I think I'll just go with this.  Thank you both for your assistance.
Janice SmithSystems AnalystAuthor Commented:
The white paper is very helpful.  I see there are several things that I need to consider.  I will make adjustments to the report based on the information in the white paper and see if I can get a better result...thank you!
Janice SmithSystems AnalystAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your suggestions and assistance with this issue.  All of the comments were helpful tips for me to use to better format the export.
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