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Mailmarshal message release responder for blocked Email.

Hi everyone,

I am trying to setup some rules and templates that will allow a message that has been blocked to be released by the end user. I have read up on the M86 website but the information contained there is rather vague? I was hoping to have this available to only certain users and only for certain message blocked reasons.

Can anyone please help or maybe point me in the right direction?
1 Solution

Create or modify a MailMarshal rule which moves certain messages to a folder. Modify existing (or create new) rules, which move messages to a quarantine folder. The rule(s) need to include a rule action, which sends out an e-mail notification message when a message is blocked. For example, your rule may look similar to this:
When a message arrives
Where message is outgoing
Where message attachment is of type IMAGE
Send a Image Out notification message
And write log message(s) with Contains Graphic
And move the message to Graphics

The body of the e-mail notification needs to contain either one of the following two variables:

{ReleaseProcessRemaining} if you want the message to be processed through remaining rules before being released.
{ReleasePassThrough} if you want the message to bypass all remaining rules when released.

You should have a pre-configured template Automatic Message Release Outbound as an example in the message templates section in your configurator.

To process message release requests, create a MailMarshal SMTP rule similar to the following:

Where addressed to MessageRelease@Releaseit
Run the external command Message Release  
And write log message(s) with Release Requests  
And delete the message
The message classification "Release Requests" is pre-configured.

Automatic Message Release should be used sparingly as it tends to defeat the purpose of MailMarshal SMTP.

If MailMarshal SMTP is used in an array with separate Array Manager and processing servers, the Message Release external command must run using a Windows credential that the Array Manager can validate. You can enter specific account credentials for the Message Release external command, using command line parameters in the External Command definition.

Message Release Options
The Message Release external command has the following syntax:

MMReleaseMessage [-u username] [-p password] [-d domain] [-r recipient] [-l] {MessageName}

Once it is setup, a message that is blocked and triggers the template will cause the end user to receive a notification. As long as the {ReleaseProcessRemaining}  or {ReleasePassThrough} syntax is in there, the end user simply hits reply and then presses send.
Would this apply to both incoming and outgoing mail?

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