What happens if one deletes the NTUSER.DAT

Issue (Windows Server 2003):
We use roaming profiles and I see that a lot of our users have large NTUSER.DAT files that I want to "fix". I tried to just remove the NTUSER.DAT file from the profile directory before logging on so that the user would get a new NTUSER.DAT file created the next time he/she logged on. As expected a new NTUSER.DAT file was created but what I did NOT expect was for all other files on the existing roaming profile directory to be deleted when the user logged off :-(
Is there a way to set the profile roaming functionality to merge the new NTUSER.DAT and it's new profile files with the old/existing profile files when logging off?
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TordsterAuthor Commented:
SnowWolf - thanks for the prompt answer, but unfortunately that isn't what I am looking for.
I am no newbee to NTUSER.DAT and know very well what it does and how to "edit" etc.
My question is how the NTUSER.DAT file is "linked" to the other files in the user's roaming profile and the reason why all files are deleted if the NTUSER.DAT file is...
What I am looking for is how to change the behavour so that I can delete the NTUSER.DAT but still keep all other existing files in the profile...if possible...
How to reproduce:
1. On the roaming profile directory for USER A: Delete NTUSER.DAT
2. Log on to a Terminal server with USER A and see that a new NTUSER.DAT file is generated in his profile
3. Log off USER A from the Terminal Server and see that the new NTUSER.DAT (and the user prfoile files) is copied to the roaming dir folder for USER A. What you will also find is that all other files in the "old" profile is deleted when the new files are added to roaming profile area for USER A during logoff.
there is no way to merge the new NTUSER.DAT and it's new profile files with the old/existing profile files when logging off?
TordsterAuthor Commented:

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