change default print settings in ie 7 or 8

I am looking to change the default print settings in internet explorer.  I'd like it to default to only printing the first page and to only print in black and white.  

I'd like this to be exclusive to IE and not have the settings translate to Office and other applications.

Is this possible?

JOe K.
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Steve AgnewConnect With a Mentor Sr. Systems EngineerCommented:
You can install the same printer more than once and set it to black and white printing.. but by design windows has a 'default printer' and that is what applications read and then offer up first whenever you select print.. that said you may be able to find a customizable toolbar that will allow you to define a macro to do it.. but what you are asking for isn't built into IE or Windows because people generally want to setup their printer once and then just have that for everything they do..  you could make a different account on your pc and then log in and setup the printing how you want and then login to the different accounts to have different printer settings - but they would be for all programs you use while logged in that way.
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