Fax Confirmation delivery on Windows 2003 server shared fax

We migrated from a SBS 2003 server to a Straight Windows 2003 server. While the fax portion is similar; for the life of me I can't figure out where and how to have a confirmation delivery email to the fax sender.

On the SBS fax client there was a place to enter an email address for Delivery Notification, the 2003 version doesn't have it.

How weird?


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Justin OwensConnect With a Mentor ITIL Problem ManagerCommented:
I will be honest that I never was really satisfied with how Windows 2003 handles Faxing services.  That is not to say it won't work, but rather that it never behaved just the way I wanted it to or thought it should.  I have found that Server 2008 performs Faxing services exactly how I want/expect it to.  Here is a walkthrough of Fax Delivery Notification setup in Server 2008 R2:
I know that you put this in the 2003 category, but in my opinion, unless you want to go with a third party solution, your best answer will be to upgrade to 2008 R2 for this server.
Floyd_DroidAuthor Commented:
Thank you! That is exactly what I needed!!
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