Sharing printer on SBS 2003 for Windows 7 computers to use

I have a HP CP 2800 inkjet wide layout printer that is connected to a Windows 2003 SBS server  by parallel cable and shared on the network.

I've just added 2, Windows 7 Professional 64Bit workstations to the network and now I can't seem to access/connect to that shared printer.

In the server's printer properties there is no way to add Windows 7 driver.

How can I share this printer so that Windows 7 workstations can connect to it?

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MightySWConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi, just use 2003/XP drivers and you will have to manually add the HP printer locally to the windows 7 boxes or use a very close driver to the HP CP 2800 on the Windows 7 machines, then just add a port to the local printer on the windows 7 boxes and point it to the shared printer.  

You are correct in that it will not AUTOMATICALLY download the driver from the server so you have to do it locally to each machine first and then just add the port to the printer of the share off the server.

TechGoingSoloAuthor Commented:
The Windows 7 workstation was able to find the shared printer on the SBS 2003 and connected without a problem. I don't know why it wouldn't do it the first time.  Thanks.
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