resources or books about giving C# desktop applications access to files on a network

Hi Experts,
I'm a not a network guy, so my skills dealing with network issues is limited.

See right now I have a desktop application that accesses images in a folder called images in a network location.

In order for my application to access these images i have to map a drive on the user's computer and type in the windows security credentials to be able to access these images.

Do you know any good books that you recommend that talk about giving applications access to network folders or with mapping drives.

See i have no problem mapping the drive on whatever computer i install the application on but is there a way to make the folder read only?

Can anyone give me any recomendation on a good book that maybe i should read? To help me understand these things?
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käµfm³d 👽Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you used UNC paths before? Basically, it allows you to access a network resource without having to map a drive--and if you were to run "net use" in a command prompt, you would actually see UNC paths mapped to different drive letters.

A UNC path is just like a file path; the only difference syntactically is that it begins with two backslashes (\\) followed by the server name and the root of the shared folder. So if I had a machine called "Box1" with a shared folder called "myFolder", then the UNC path would look like:


You would be able to access files and folders on that share just like a local file/folder. For example:

maqskywalkerAuthor Commented:

In my WPF application, in the C# i use the full path just like this,


So ZEUS is my server and IMAGES is the folder at that server

I believe the issue is with windows security because when I map a drive to


in Internet Explorer after I type in the Drive letter and Folder, another window pops up asking for user name and password.  I was given a user name and password my the server administrator.

So i enter that it and it maps the drive.  

So say i have 3 people that will be using my application.
If they have the following information that they use to windows XP login information that they use to login to their computer.

user         Windows Login User Name        Windows Login Password

John              John1                                     cowboys
Jack               Jack1                                      49ers
Jill                   Jill1                                         rams

Do I need the server administrator to create a user name and password for each of the user's that gives them rights to my images folder on the network?

maqskywalkerAuthor Commented:
Correction, above where I mention Internet Explorer, i meant to say Windows explorer.
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