steps to create a new forest and establish trust relation with another forest

Hello experts,
I have a question about creating a forest in a Windows Server 2008 R2 environment.  Currently, we have our own domain which is part of another forest and our domain has a trust relationship with a second domain in that forest.  We want to create a new forest for our needs and make our existing domain a member of the new forest.  The other domain will be in its current forest.  I want to know on how to proceed with creating a new forest and have/establish a trust relationship with the existing forest already in place in our organization.  What are the things/steps I need to do to create new forest and establish the trust relationship with other forest.  If there is a particular order to start then please let us know how we should proceed?
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Andres PeralesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You will need to stand up the new server, once server installed, run dc promo on that server.  Create new forest / domain option.  Once this server is the DC for the new forest / domain you will then need to establish the trust from Active Directory Domains and Trust.
brwwigginsConnect With a Mentor IT ManagerCommented:
Just to add to what peralesa stated, before you can create the trust you will need to create conditional forwarders within each respective forest to point to the other forest DNS servers so they will know where to look when establishing the trust.
BiosIT-STJAuthor Commented:
The steps are simple and straightforward however I have another issue after creating a domain under the new forest and I'm going to post a new question for it.
Thanks to both of you for your time to address my question.
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