Outlook 2007 send/receive hang on send

I have an outlook client that hangs on a send receive.  Using outlook 2k7 and exchange 2k7.  Outlook does not freeze, it stays at sending and 50% complete.  Will stay that way for hours.  Mean time mail will not come to outlook inbox.  Can cancel restart outlook and will be fine until send receive is hit.  The only reason for hitting send recive is to resolve this issue as we know it should not be doing that.
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Andres PeralesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
When you open the details box in the lower right hand corner, is it set at sending and receiving mail, or do you something else?  Sometimes when Outlook configured to sync RSS feeds it can get stuck, are you syncing any thing SharePoint to your outlook?
uescompConnect With a Mentor Commented:
A quick fix since you have exchange holding all of your email is to simply delete the profile and recreate it, that way all the temporary cache that is held also clears up.

Cheers to peralesa on mentioning the RSS feeds, that did get me one time but for a quick fix, just delete the profile, outlook 2007 makes it a simple to recreate the profile for exchange.
jtmoskeAuthor Commented:
Deleting the profile and recreating did not solve the issue.  It was a cert issue on the exchnage server.
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