ESXi Install on IDE

I have a system that has an ide controller with compact flash.

If I try to install ESXi 4.0 to it with the compact flash installed into the controller, it reports that it cant find a device to install too. Suprise right?

So I got a USB card reader, installed the compact flash into the reader and was able to sucessfully install ESXi 4.0 to it.
It will even boot up just fine in the card reader. But this is not my final goal.

I want it to boot up via the compact flash slot on the controller.

So I disconnect the card reader - place compact flash into controller.
Booting up ESXi gives an error that it cant find boot partition.
so i pushed the ALT-F1 typed in unsupported and was able to get in.

Went into /var/log/sysboot.log and saw
sysboot: Invalid Primary Boot bank Detected: /vmfs/volumes/386a41e4-xxxx-xxx
sysboot: unable to detect USB boot partition
sysboot: Failed to find boot partition
sysboot: Executing 'esxcfg-init --alert Error: Failed to find boot partition'

I went inside /vmfs/volumes and there was nothing there.
fdisk doesnt show any partitions.

How can I boot this ESXi machine using the compact flash installed inside the on-baord ide controller.

Is there any special commands I can type or config files I can edit to make it work?

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The chances of getting that to work will be slim unless the IDE controller is listed on the VMWare HCL or it can emulate a controller on the HCL.  What make of IDE controller is it?

The reason it worked via the USB Card reader is that ESXi will support booting of USB.

If you are keen to install of compact flash then look for a compact flash reader that connects to an internal USB header in the computer.

BTW - why the desperate need to use compact flash?

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bntechAuthor Commented:
tried a solution by editing the, but it did not see disk, went ahead and put it on the local drive, not compact flash

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