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how to install Exchange agent for Backup exec 12.5

Backup exec 12.5 is already installed on a backup exec server, but I cannot figure out how to deploy the exchange agent.  I have the license and can deploy the regular agents, but the setup of the Exchange agent seems to elude me.

How do you install the exchange agent on the exchange server?  I do not have any install disks, but I do have the management server running with several regular agents.

The exchange server is a windows 2008 enterprise x64 machine while the backup server that has the managment console is a standard 2003 server 32bit.

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Have you tried pushing it from Backupexec (media) server to Exchange server?
The Exchange Agent is installed locally as a separate, add-on component of Backup Exec for Windows Servers to protect local or remote Exchange Server databases. To install the Exchange Agent on the local system:

1. On the Tools menu, click License Keys and Installation.
2. Verify that Local Install and Additional Options are selected, and then click Next. Follow the instructions in the wizard to add the serial number and enable the Agent for Exchange Servers.
flg8tor96Author Commented:
what do you mean by locally?  Do I need to install the Backup Exec management console on the Exchange server locally or does the backup server push the exchange agent to the exchange server? This install was 1/2 done when I got it and it appears that the Agent for Microsoft Exchange Server Key was already entered.  Under the Licensed options the Agent for Exchange server is checked, but greyed out and cannot be unselected, this is on the backup server.

I get two warnings on the install, but the install does not do anything  here are the warnings.

1 - has to do with continuously back up of the exchange transatction logs I must install the CPS continuous protection agent and the CPS Exchange protection agents to do these log backups.
2 - I need to install the Exchange Management tools for MS Exchange 2007  and the MS exchange server mapi client on collaboration data objects package on the server in order to do individual mailbox backups.

I don't think I need to do #1, but #2 confuses me.  Do I install this on the Backup server?  Not the exchange server?  and if yes, the backup is 32bit while the Exchange is 64bit.  So does that create a problem or I just use the 32 bit install disk for Exchange 2007?


Hi ,

Just to make it a bit simple for you to understand :-

Backup exec Remote agent take backup.

Exchange agent is just a license to enable the exchange backup feature in backup exec. (Follow http://support.veritas.com/docs/309401)

You simply need to install the remote agent on the Windows 2008 Server. (Follow http://support.veritas.com/docs/274163)  .

Also follow :- http://seer.entsupport.symantec.com/docs/288777.htm     to make backup exec working to backup exchange...

Hope this would be of some help......;-)
flg8tor96Author Commented:
Thanks for the clarification, it seems that symantec refers to this "Exchange Agent"  so I thought they were referring to a different agent.  I installed the regular agent, but could not see the detail on the mailbox store so I assumed there was a special exchange agent.  

Now that I know I have the correct agent installed, I can troubleshoot the mailbox store problem.


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