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We have a client who uses a 3rd party vendor product I'll call K2. K2 uses a propriatary database to store medical information on our client's customers. K2 has various different Windows forms to collect data. One of these forms is called Patient Information. Usually a person inputs data on the Patient Information form and clicks the Submit button.

Our client receives 150 new patients per day in the form of hardcopy printout. Our client inputs the data for each of the 150 patients manually into the Patient Information form on K2.

Our client is asking our company to create a Windows application to read a CSV file as opposed to receiving a 150 page hardcopy printout, and providing K2 is running and sitting on the Patient Information form, fill in the form fields and activate the Submit button. Our Windows application needs to perform this process for each of the 150 new patients in the CSV file.

We feel this can be done, however, we need assistance on how to follow the chain of pointers/handles to verfiy program K2 is up and running and subsequently read the CSV file and parse the data into fields. Then we need to take each set of fields for a given patient and insert the field data into the corresponding K2 Windows form field, ending the process with a Submit button press.

Can this be accomplished or are there examples of this? Our company uses Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2008 and Visual Basic as a programming language.

Much thanks ... David
David BachAsked:
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Jens FiedererTest Developer/ValidatorCommented:
This is easiest if K2 supports some kind of automation interface - only K2's vendor can tell you if that is the case.

You could then use their automation API.

If not, it is still POSSIBLE, but not easy.  Many companies offer automated testing tools for Windows applications, and even though you aren't actually testing, that sort of functionality is what you need.
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