Need a cron shell script to remove files from directory after certain time...


I need to get a script working that can be CRON'ed to run nightly and look into specific directories and remove any files matching:

*PID.log as the end-name of the file and who's time-stamp is older than 48 hours.

The log directory is in 4 different environments, and I want to make use of our internal script to figure out the directory location...

It can be done with:

# cfgattr get production APPLTMPpath
# cfgattr get development APPLTMPpath
# cfgattr get testing APPLTMPpath    
# cfgattr get training APPLTMPpath

So I want a shell script to go into each of our environments, look into the "appltmp" folder and delete any *PID.LOG that is older than 48 hours.

How could one get this working?

Thank you.
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mirdeAuthor Commented:
These are LOG files that we generate with our application that we want to keep clean in the different directories, anything over 48 hours gone.

Progress RDBMS.
for i in /usr1/logs/ /usr2/devel_logs/ /usr4/test_logs/ /usr3/train_logs/appltmp; do
  /usr/bin/find ${i}appltmp -name "*PID.log" -mtime +2 -exec /usr/bin/rm {} \;

Stick that in your cron and you should be good to go. You could choose to have the list of directories in a file and feed that to your for loop with cat, e.g. for i in `cat dirs.txt`; do...

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correction - note last input to for shouldn't have the appltmp there.
What you describe is same thing skulker on AIX does in it's non-portable way.
mirdeAuthor Commented:
That worked just as i wanted it to, thanks.
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