A Policy is in effect on your computer which prevents you from conecting to this print queue.

I am having a problem with an XP SP3 machine carrying over it's local printers in an RDP session to a Windows 2003SE server.  There are no policies in place that restrict this that I can find.  Logged in as global admin I can perform the function but not as the user.  The user has local admin rights.

Can anyone suggest something I can try to map a local printer that's not showing up?  I might add that 2 of his network printers do show up for some reason.  I checked permissions on those printers and matched his local (the one he needs) but I still get the same error.

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GDavis193Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Setting up the fallback printer driver under Terminal Services gpedit corrected the issue.
Jagdish DevakuSr DB ArchitectCommented:
Please check whether you are able to ping to Printer Server or not?
If yes, Check the sharing of the printer whether it is added in List in the directory or not.
 If not, add it.
That's it.
GDavis193Author Commented:
I should clarify.  The user is not able to see all of his local printers in an RDP session to the server.  He is able to see some, but not all.  I tried upgrading his RDP client to the Win7 RDP client and still no go.  If I try to manuall add his local printer from the RDP session (add network printer using \\192.168.x.xx\printername) I get the policy error.  

Ultimately i'd like to either A) find a way to ensure all of his printers carry over when he makes his RDP session or B) find out where this policy is in effect and disable it so I can manually map a local printer to his machine from within the RDP session.
During the RDP session, have them start>run>rsop.msc, and see whats been applied....

Shouldnt be a policy for printerrs, unless there is some sort of policy preventing adding a UNC port type....

Keep in mind, windows is not always 100% accurate on thier error messages, sometimes it will find the closest thing.....

Are they admins on the boxes they RDP into? Might try it for testing only....
GDavis193Author Commented:
I will test these with the user next week when he returns and will post an update.
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