Inporting Paradox database in SQL 2005

I have a large Paradox database that I wish to move a copy into SQL 2005. I want to see my data within SQL so I can do some historical reporting on the data. How can I import all my table into SQL 2005 - same names would be great.
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Raja Jegan RConnect With a Mentor SQL Server DBA & ArchitectCommented:
If possible export all records from Paradox database tables into either Text files or CSV files so that it can be imported easily into SQL Server..
Or else you can use some third party tools to import records from Paradox Database into SQL Server tables as given below:
allenkentAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately many steps were involved in the Paradox conversion. You can't just export to txt or csv becuase Paradox used large paragraph fields that dont want to export. The sobolsoft also dropped portions of data
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