How to under this php page with two tables and tepXXX?

I have a page like this, the code is below. It has some tepXXX commands in PHP part, I tried to comment on these three lines, nothing changed on my webpage, I was wondering what these lines for.

Second question is why it has two "table" elements instead of one, what it for.

The code was written by my predecessor. So, I don't quite understand the meaning of his.

<td width="100%" class="col_center">
			<table border="0" width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
				<!-- <? tep_draw_heading_top();?>     //-->
  				<!-- <? new contentBoxHeading_ProdNew($info_box_contents);?>  //-->
  				<!-- <? tep_draw_heading_top_1();?>  //-->
        		<p><strong><em>Customer Testimonials/Reviews:</em></strong></p>
        		<p>I just want to let you know that I am very appreciative of Aaron's service. He called me last Saturday and asked me if I was going to be home, so he could come out to finish the work. He was very careful and professional in completing the remaining tasks.</p>
<p>I am sure it is difficult to be in your business: many things can go wrong, and home owners get concerned because it is not that easy to fix work after completion. The biggest nightmare that a consumer could have is going with a company that does not deliver the service they promised. In this case, your company, once again, proved that you do care about customer service and you stand behind your product.  It is much more important for a consumer to be able to rely on a company that will take care of issues if things go wrong, and then expect everything to go smoothly.</p>
<p>Your commitment/service in addressing the cosmetic defects in the cabinet doors is very much appreciated, and I will continue to refer you to my colleagues and friends.</p>
				<?php tep_draw_heading_bottom_1();?>					
				<?php tep_draw_heading_bottom();?>

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tep_draw_heading_top and tep_draw_heading_bottom sounds familiar - is this  osCommerce based code - a template or something custom? Basically these are opening and closing elements for visual forms - haven't used it for a while so cannot tell you what was what  but I am almost sure these were adding classes to the next elements. However - if you remove the top one, make sure you also take out the bottom one and be careful as they are matched based on the name...
How is your $info_box_contents defined?

All these  phps are defined in includes/classes/boxes.php so you might want to open these and look what they are doing.

As for the two tables: This is a way to design your page - instead of css and so on you use tables - the external one is like the frame around everything, using its columns and rows to make a grid (with differently sized elements if needed by manipulating the sizes of the columns and rows)  and then inside of a td, you add a second table so you can order the things inside of this td in the way you want it.

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