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Currently if I’m configured as a reviewer on a user’s calendar, in Outlook 2002/2007 when I create an appointment and add that user as an attendee I have the ability by hovering my mouse over their appointments to see the details of the appointments they have on their calendar, not just that they’re free or busy (as shown attached).  In contrast, in Outlook Web Access 2003 when creating an appointment I can only see whether the same user is free or busy, I can’t see the details of their appointments (as shown attached).  Is there a way in Outlook Web Access 2003 to see the same appointment detail as opposed to just free/busy information?
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sekhar_kiitConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As per my knowledge, it is not possible in OWA.

OWA has not become so much advanced as like MS Outlook client. MS Outlook is a vast client and having various other features which connects to the Exchange Server directly through MAPI. So this feature can not be available through OWA through just http browser.

Hope this helps your understanding.

ashishkpandeyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It is not possible from OWA. In outlook you have an option to check to allow users to see the details of meetings. But no such option in OWA. It will only show Free / Busy options only.
karinerivetAuthor Commented:
That was what I believed to be the case.  Thank you for your confirmation.
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