ESX 3.5 SC / Vmotion design for 6 NICS with no VLANS

This is a follow up design question. Basically I have inherited a pretty funky ESX environment that I want to at least get in line with best practices. The biggest issue I see is that there are no VLANS assigned but ESX nics are physically separated by nic port to an associated switch for that particular segment. .

So a few vms that connect to the 192.168.10.x segment are in a vm port group on a vswitch and the nic connects to a switch that is solely 192.168.10.x

There are other vms that connect to a 192.168.100.x segment the same way. We have 6 nics to work with so I at least wanted to set up service console and vmotion on on v switch with 2 nics assigned and utilize the other nics as well.

What can I do design wise given the fact that there are no VLANS in place and the nics I mentioned connect physically to different switches? I know vmotion would ride over the SC port in the even tit happened but I am stuck as to the best way to clean this up a bit.

I attached a sample of what is current and what I want to do minus the VLANS of course.


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Hi Raymo12,

You can take the following path
1. Create new port group VLAN 100 on one of the Physical Nics's say vmnic1. This will be an addition to the already existing port group. Give it Network Label ... say "VLAN100"
2. Change the Network label on the all the machines you want to move to the new vlan to "VLAN100" maybe from vmnic2
3. This will free up vmnic2. Add this vmnic 2 to the Service Console Port group alongwith vmnic0.
4. Create another Port Group VLAN 116 on vmnic1 and move all VM's on vmnic3 to the this port group by changing their Network Labels.
5. This will free up vmnic3. Now group this vmnic with vmnic1.
6. Repeat above steps to consolidate all your VM's on vmnic1/vmnic3/vmnic4/vmnic5
7. Create a port group for the VM's on Service Console port group on the new Physical nic cluster and move the VM's to this Port group.

Now you have your best practice config.
Raymo12Author Commented:

The second example I posted was what I want to do minus the VLANS. The ESX infrastructure I inherited has no VLANS in place.

I think I get how to consolidate a little but will not having in VLANS be an issue or will the those nics al physically connected to segmented switches pretty much make this ok?

Hi Raymo12,

What you would actually need to do is change the vSwitch in all those VM's to move them onto one single switch. Not having VLAN's should not be a problem.

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Raymo12Author Commented:
Thanks that's was I was thinking. Since vswitch 1 and 2 have the nics going to separate physical switches in different segments I figured as much but I was concerned about vmotion and also wondered if I needed another service console port configured for those separate physical segments.

Thanks for your help!
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