internet explorer 8, proxy not working win2k3 standard


I have a Windows 2003 Standard server in a Win2k3 active directory.  I have 1 machine that is not taking the proxy settings via active directory.
Is there a command to pull the settings that this particular machine is getting from the domain controller?
Anyone has an idea as of why it will not take the policy?

Thank you
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sukamtoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
are other pc working? only this pc not working?
have try create new OU and create new GPO for this OU container and move this user here.
anyway, what browser are  you using on pc?
ticowarehouseAuthor Commented:
I already pulled the gpupdate and the gpresult. I can post that if needed.
is this pc already join to domain?
you can use GPO for pushing proxy setting.
can describe more about your setting (how you set autoproxy via AD)?
ticowarehouseAuthor Commented:
This pc is already part of a domain.  The policy is pushed via gpo but it is not working.
If I try to override the GPO and set the policy manually it doesn't work.
ticowarehouseAuthor Commented:
I will take the server out of production and test this option. thanks
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