Adtran Nat Config with Cable modem

I have an adtran router that i am using as the router/firewall behind a cable modem with 3 statics.  Internet works fine.  For some reason I can't NAT like i can in cisco.  you can't do static NAT it doesn't appear,  has to be policy/list based.  So the problem i have.  Trying to froward traffic to mail and web servers internally, i use the firewall wizard and it seems to create them fine.  2 problems, if i go to the web address from my PC(i don't have dns set up for this domain) it prompts for login to router.  If i go from an outside computer to that web address, it dies..can't be displayed. It also don't respond to ping.  I am attaching i missing something?
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Steve JenningsConnect With a Mentor IT ManagerCommented:
Its been too long since I was on an adtran . . . but it seems to me that you should be port forwarding to the 192.168 address not the public. I'll try and find my configs and verify this. But that's why you are getting a prompt for the router log in. Adtran wont respond to ping on the public interface unless you explicitly allow it.

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