Will Office 2007 overwrite Office 2003 custom dictionaries and AutoText?

We're about to migrate to Office 2007. What measures must we take to preserve users' custom dictionaries and AutoText entries? How about macros attached to the normal.dot file in Word or the personal.xls in Excel? Thanks!

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ashishkpandeyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
When you upgrade to Office 2007 the customization will be lost. This is because Office 2007 creates its own folders and own registries.
You can download a software called "File format converters" and run it. Then you will be able to open office 2003 files on office 2007 and vise versa.. You can just google it and download the free software..
MNgrrrlAuthor Commented:
I'm only concerned with the custom dictionaries. The converters aren't the issue.
MNgrrrlAuthor Commented:
Is there a way to migrate those customizations?? Can the old customizxations be merged into the news 2007 file structure somehow? Our users are NOT going to be happy if those go away.
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