RichFaces Java Question

I am new to RichFaces. I was wondering how the following could be done in RichFaces
* When a selection is based on the drop-down menu
* It calls a Java Function which returns data.
* Data should be rendered on the same a data table w/ a scroller.

I looked at Data Scroller demo in the following link, which give me a good idea how to create a data table using AJAX requests.

How can I make it work with a Java Function?
Should I make the Java Function & the class act more as a Web Service that just returns the data?
something else

Please state your suggestion(s) and give sample code that can assist your suggestions.


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a_bConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I think what you need is to use the a4j tag

An example -
Purdue_PeteAuthor Commented:
was just a seggestion
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