Blackberry BES logs not overighting themselves

Blackberry Manager vr x86 W2k3SP2

Using the blackberry server configuration panel from the logging Tab I have set Debug log maximum daily file age: to 15  on the blackberry agent, attachment service, attachment conversion, dispatcher, mailbox agent, manager,  router, controller, policy service,  synchronization service, exhange connector, backup connector,  mangement connector.  

The blackberry user Admin service had a vaule of 0 which i have only just discovered and now changed to 15 also.

The debug log auto-roll file is set to yes on all of them except the blackberry user Admin service which i have also just changed to yes from no.

Would these 2 log settings in the blackberry user Admin service  prevented the logs from rolling over each 15 days?  Only have a 20gb drive for logs and a new folder is being created every day in this  D:\Research In Motion\BlackBerry Enterprise ServerLogs\Logs with the current days date EG: 20100331 and are/were more then 15 folders problem is drive fulls up and bes stops responding.
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Gary CutriConnect With a Mentor Data & Communications SpecialistCommented:
Hi, once you change the "Debug log maximum daily file age" you need to restart all BlackBerry Services for the settings to take effect.  Also any previous log files won't be removed after 15 days as these settings will only be applied to new files.  So you need to manually go into the log folder and delete all previous logs excluding the current day, installer and webserver folder.  Also to confirm it will not delete the daily log folder as it still retains the call, sms and PIN log (i.e. it will just delete the debug logs).
ljardenAuthor Commented:
Thanks Gary, i'll take your word on all the  above as im yet to see you post an incorrect comment (ever!)
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