linked server issue cannot get access to view cannot resolve this error message

OLE DB provider "SQLNCLI" for linked server "Myserver" returned message "Unspecified error".
OLE DB provider "SQLNCLI" for linked server "Myserver" returned message "The stored procedure required to complete this operation could not be found on the server. Please contact your system administrator.".
Msg 7311, Level 16, State 2, Line 1
Cannot obtain the schema rowset "DBSCHEMA_TABLES_INFO" for OLE DB provider "SQLNCLI" for linked server "MyServer". The provider supports the interface, but returns a failure code when it is used.

i have now read the article

 which refers to instcat.sql

do i ran that against the sql 2000 server (which I am sure I have already done before) or sql 2005 this article is not clear enough.

Amanda WalshawBusiness Solutions AnalsystAsked:
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Greg WrightConnect With a Mentor Sr. Database AdministratorCommented:
You run the file on the SQL Server 2000 32-bit server.
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