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Posted on 2010-03-30
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Last Modified: 2013-11-22
All of you Security and Torrent users,

What is the "best" protection against using Torrent sites such as Bittorrent? Besides the obvious answer, what protection can I use such as Antivirus, Malware, Spyware as a form of protection which will scan for infected files or Botnet attacks?

Thanks for your suggestions.
Question by:pfisherny
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My friend if you are in a domain environment and you are running Microsoft environment  then ISA server is the best solution to block all such sites.

To do it more effectively you have to use OpenDNS with ISA so you can easily block all such site traffic

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pfisherny, are you speaking about just one, stand-alone, computer or a whole domain?
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by:Mohammed Hamada
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You want to allow bittorent but you need a formal protection ? I use ISA server 2004 to block any connection or bittorent files download.

However if you are not familiar with ISA server, You can use Untangle firewall! It's a very useful software that you can install, Check here for webfilter details.

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Thanks for all the replies.   I am sorry, let me be more clear.   This is at my home. I am NOT running any domains or servers.   I am talking about just one computer that I want to use for Bittorrent.   I am looking for either a good Antivirus, Malware, or Spyware program that will scan files after I download them on Bittorrent.   I want this program to scan to prevent Botnet attacks or any other harmful files while using Bittorrent.  Any software program that I have downloaded using Bittorrent can be infected with something.   I need a program that will scan those files for infections.   Again, I know the obvious answer.  Not to use Bittorrent.   Hey, we are all guilty of using Torrent sites at one point or other.
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by:Mohammed Hamada
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I personally use Bitdefender Internet Security, Have been using bittorrent without any issues.
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As you know that no antivirus and antispyware can provide 100% security so you have to use mltiple antispyware system so i would recommend you to use one of following

1.Symantec Endpoint
2.Norton 360
3.Eset Nod32 Security Center

Antispyware (all of these)
4.Hitmanpro surfright
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The Free Avast antivirus and MalwareBytes real-time protection is also good combination.
Or any antivirus in conjunction with MalwareBytes realtime protection should suffice.

Also, it's not a good idea to have many anti-spyware installed with realtime protection(goes same for antivirus), one antispyware and one antivirus realtime protection is all you need. You can have 2 antispyware installed as long as only one has a realtime protection and the other one is only an on-demand scanner.

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sb7785 earned 2000 total points
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I'll start with the preface that no program is 100% effective. Different needs for different folks; so try out the suggestions and see what works best for you. With that said, I use only two programs:
1. Sandboxie.
  • Forcing the browser to always run sandboxed and automatically delete contents on exit.
  • I don't like the fact the Antivirus programs are reactive; I prefer something sandboxed, which is proactive.
  • Also, it uses FAR less resources than any AV programs I've tried; including the super light Kaspersky.
Here is a great video showing how it works:
2. Spyware Doctor VERSION 4.
I have used many over the years, and my recommendation is for PCTools Spyware Doctor.
  • I will go one step further though. I have used this program since about 2007, and it's the best that I've found. It's the only program I currently use.
  • I will STRONGLY recommend version 4, NOT 6. V5+ is filled with a bunch of new stuff that's unnecessary.  
  • Also, whenever you start the program up, it takes a WHILE to start up; 3-7 minutes depending on the computer. My desktop is a C2D E8300, and it takes about 3 minutes; while my laptop takes about 5 minutes.
  • Always do the smart update first, then let it reboot, then do a full scan.  
  • I do not run it in the background. I manually start it, and scan my computer every other week. Keeps my computer running flawlessly.
Sandboxie is great for browsing on torrent sites, as soon as I see something suspicious I close out my browser, which automatically deletes the contents of the sandbox. To date, I haven't gotten a virus while browsing.
As far as the files that are actually downloaded, that get's a lot more tricky. You are choosing to download these files (as am I, I use torrents frequently), so we're rolling the dice so to speak. Here, a real time scanner may be better than Spyware Doctor. Bitdefender and Kaspersky are very good, as well as many others. But the problem is, once the file is on the computer, it can be a pain to get off; even with a real time scanner. But, that's the risk that we're taking.
As I said, what maybe best for me, may not be best for you. But that's my setup. Best of luck to you.

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