Mouse unable to move cursor in Outlook 2010

Hello. I'm having a heck of an issue with Outlook 2010. When I draft a new email message or reply to one, I am unable to move the cursor anywhere in the email by left clicking the left mouse button after I hit the Enter key. Everything works fine up until I hit the Enter key, but stops working after that. As a result, I am also unable to highlight text (for cutting/copying) by clicking and dragging the left mouse button once I it the Enter key.

Shutting down and reopening Outlook cures the problem, but only until I hit the Enter key again. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the entire Office 2010 suite, but still have the problem. All of the other 2010 Office apps seem to work OK, as do all of the other apps on my computer.

Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks for taking a look.
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JBV629Author Commented:
Thank you for your advice. For some strange reason, the problem went away by itself (I didn't change anything). If it returns, I will follow the steps you listed. I appreciate your help.
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