Flash swf, how big is too big?


I've created a SWF file in Flash cs4 and it is 1,618 KB in size. Is this too large? what is a reasonable size to load well in a browser?

I've used some vivid images and would love to keep them lossless rather than use the lossy compression if possible as it makes the SWF look quite a lot better.

What issues should I be aware of with a SWF this large?

What ways are there to decrease the SWF size without decreasing image quality to much?

Any guidance regarding this would be appreciated.

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Hi it depends on length of your file. Usually in you tube, 1MB size video consists 1 Minute video. You can that as measurement. If your video measurement is too high you can decrease / customize the video at your covneneint.
iDeejAuthor Commented:
The flash SWF goes for almost a minute. My main concern is that a user will have to wait an eternity for the flash SWF to load before seeing anything. I also want to make sure it plays smoothly although I'm guessing a preloader will take care of that?
Keeping youtube parameter (the size and length) as standard measurement, 1 Minute video for 1Mb length would be justifiable. For end user analysis, it always depends on the load on your bandwidth (number of user connected your server), end user bandwidth. I feel the end user must have a 300Kbps free badwidth to watch youtube video continously without buffering/pausing the video.
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you best bet it to run it with the test download at different speeds to check how long it would take to load.
one person might be happy to wait 2 minutes while another person won't wait 20 seconds.
try chopping your files up into smaller swf files and loading them as required i.e. the end user has small more frequent waits rather than one long wait.

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if I have to wait more than 10 seconds, and if i m not REALLY interested I go away

Make a prealoder or go streaming
iDeejAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all your help. I got it down to around 500 Kb and will add a preloader. I saved the images in photoshop first and it did not looks so bad so saved there.
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