GB-2000 Firewall

Hello Team,
I use GB-2000 firewall (Runtime GB-OS 4.0.4, 2006-12-08) to get to internet from my LAN, my firewall started hitting 100% CPU, on log analysis i found one of the site was the cause of this hit, once the website was disabled the CPU normalised, we did repeat test to verify the website for the cause and we find for some reason the website was causing my device to misbhave.
Need advice on what could be causing this, and any known bugs i should take note of.
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savithConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
The issue was identified with a website which was used by one of the users in the system, the website for some reason was generating abnormal sessions +10000 / sec this was knocking off my GB, as a solution we blocked this website and this stopped the GB hit, as a permanent soultion we have activated probes in the system to trace such behaviour and proactively knock it off before this impacts
Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
What did you see when you investigated the firewall log traffic between your firewall and this web site?
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