red5 server 5080 port is not opening

Hi All,

i have configured red5 server
problem is i can't access 5080 port


it times out every time

but when i try to access from server where i have red5, it is working
it is linux machine and do not have UI
so i tried with wget

wget http://localhost:5080

and cheers! it download the page which it should be...

so i am in problem why it is not opening from other machines

i have stopped firewall
i have tried with creating virtual host (*:5080), but no luck

lemme give details of server where i hosted red5
it is Red Hat flavor
i am having root access

there is one mystic thing in server
domains are mapped to this server using different IP address
so in virtual host entries, there is other server ip address
and my server ip is different

please help me ASAP

Thanks in advance
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theGhost_k8Database ConsultantAsked:
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- What does the output of "netstat -an | grep 5080" report?
- Does mydomain resolve correctly from the host you are trying to access the site from?

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If you run nslookup, how does it resolve mydomain as?   Do you get an IP number or error?
If you try  (substitute the IP number for mydomain)   does it work?  If so you have a DNS or resolving issue.

Are you mixing IPV4 and IPV6?   I.e, the server is mapped via IPV4 , a type notation, but your machines are only configured for TCP/IP V6  (or vice-versa)

Gut feeling, jsut enter ifconfig -a on the web server, see all the IP numbers it returns, then try all of the IP numbers from a remote machine and see if they work.  then whatever IP number works make sure DNS is set up properly.

Dont forget you may have simple problem where the dns domainname is different i.e,  don't enter mydomain:5080 but
theGhost_k8Database ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot Rowley and dlethe for response.

Rowley =========================================
- What does the output of "netstat -an | grep 5080" report?
tcp        0      0 :::5080                     :::*                        LISTEN

- Does mydomain resolve correctly from the host you are trying to access the site from?
yes... it resolves fine...

dlethe ==============================================================
nslookup mydomain gives below output
Server:         IPADD
Address:        IPADD#53

Non-authoritative answer:
Name:   mydomian
Address: mydomain ip

one thing is here.  above IPADD is strange for me. i do not know that ip address.
what it should be?

i am not mixing IPV4 and IPV6

ifconfig -a
it returns the ip address which is mapped to mydomain in virtual host entries
it is different from my web server ip address
and it is not working if i try to browse from remote machine with this IP which i got in above command

i can't get you in this
"Dont forget you may have simple problem where the dns domainname is different i.e,  don't enter mydomain:5080 but"


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theGhost_k8Database ConsultantAuthor Commented:
nslookup mydomain doesn't give me error
and if i try with that returned ip (http://returned ip:5080)
it is not working
netstat shows you that the server is listening on port 5080, apparently all addresses with no connections but I can't be sure.
Can you telnet to your host on port 5080 from a remote host and from the local host using its hostname/ip address and whilst connected, run the netstat again?

I'm assuming, perhaps incorrectly, that you've configured apache. Please post details of your virtual host configuration or details of your apps networking config...
theGhost_k8Database ConsultantAuthor Commented:
when i try to telnet, it doesn't return anything
it just shows "Trying ..."

my virstual host entries:
this entries are of my server where red5 is running
and below IPADD is other server IP address

<VirtualHost IPADD:80>
    ServerAdmin admin@mydomain1
    DocumentRoot /home/mydomain1_ftp/
     ServerName mydomain1
    ErrorLog logs/mydomain1-error_log
    CustomLog logs/mydomain1-access_log common

<VirtualHost IPADD:80>
    ServerAdmin admin@mydomain2
    DocumentRoot /home/mydomain2_ftp/
     ServerName mydomain2
    ErrorLog logs/mydomain2-error_log
    CustomLog logs/mydomain2-access_log common
I do not know if you are masking IP numbers manually yourself for security reasons,, or strings like IPADD and mydomain1 are actually configured.   Maybe can you send output of all the things we experts have tried and change the IP number yourself manually , i.e, change all 1s to 3s and 0s to 9s, whatever ... but I need to know exact contents of everything.

I understand your reasoning for not posting IP#s, but it is difficult to diagnose & fix without seeing actual files and outputs.
"and below IPADD is other server IP address"

Other server? your ip address needs to be local to the host running apache. It shouldn't matter if you post ip's - they should all be in private address space anyway.
it times out every time....

Why did you use mydomain instead of myserver?

If you can access it on local server, with localhost, Apache is OK. On your linux server, check vi /etc/hosts and it should look like this: localhost  hostname
NIS or DCserverip      NIS or DCservername

You also need to input your server name and IP on /etc/host of your NIS server as well.


theGhost_k8Database ConsultantAuthor Commented:
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