Sending email from a hosted webapplication

We are using Bugtracker application which is hosted on one of our public servers. We need to send out emails from this application. I've tried adding the smtp details to the webconfig. but the emails are not getting sent. Then i tried using smtp in IIS. now the emails are shown as sent from the application but it is not reaching the destination.

When i checked the mailroot folder... the emails are lying in the queue folder. I tried googling and none of the solutions came handy for me.

Windows firewall is not blocking the port. SMTP diag shows everything is ok.. I tried telnetting to the server and was able to send a mail ..which also ends up in the queue folder.

Please help me out here.
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You must set up relay option on your front-end server. Run System manager and go to Administrative groups>"Your Administrative group">Front-end server>Protocols>SMTP then right click on Default SMTP Virtual server and open Properties. On Access tab open Relay and add the IP of your server to allowed list.
captivesglobalAuthor Commented:
I'm not using an Exchange server. I just need this mail to be routed to my external mail server. Any hope ?
You won't be able to send out most SMTP emails unless you have a PTR (reverse, or pointer) record for the public IP that you're sending out from your network.

Also, you'll need to make sure you're using your ISP's SMTP servers to relay mail to if you're going that route.  Additionally, you'll need to make sure that the ISP you're using allows for email to be relayed with or without username/pw authentication... or via anonymous access (assuming you're on their network).

Hope that helps
captivesglobalAuthor Commented:
@rwillus : the server is in a standalone setup. I want to sent mail from the application to say

we have a mail server named I've set it as smart host.

additionally i've tried editing the web.config file and entering the smtp details in it.. then i'm getting an error "send using - error"
captivesglobalAuthor Commented:
Added the following line to the web.config and everything's fine now

<add key="SmtpForceReplaceOfBareLineFeeds" value="1"/>


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