cursor Shaking


When i use my mouse and put it somewhere for example in my outlook, the cursor keeps shaking, even i don't move the curser or shake it. it shakes by its own until i move it.

why is that so? and how can i make it not to shake? i checked with different mice and it is same.
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Wireless mouse, corded mouse, or both?
helpdesk93Author Commented:
both has same issues.
helpdesk93Author Commented:
don't think it is because of the mice, because i checked those mice in other computers and it was working.

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Have you installed the newest drivers?
helpdesk93Author Commented:
we don't install mouse driver, it is detected auto matically in XP and Vista.
Try uninstalling any touchpad software for the laptop in Add or Remove programs. Go in Device Manager and delete the mouse drivers then restart the laptop.
can it be malware?  then run  these :
    Spybot :                         MBAM            Combofix                                       download              check the log

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did you examine the surface where you move you mouse ?
possible cause surface made slip y because of frequently moving of small amount of area (eg, wooden table,..)this could send false scan surface to CMOS sensor of optical mouse and resulting shaking cursor on screen.
try to move or place mouse on nearly virgin surface. and monitor whether its shaking or not.
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