New Latitude external screen flickering

Hi Experts!

I got a brand new Dell Latitude E5400 laptop, Windows 7, and everything's working fine, except that once I connected it to the external secondary 19' LCD screen, the LCD screen slightly flickers which is slight, but definitely noticeable. It's like a bad version of low resolution set on a monitor. The internal laptop's screen is working well. The Windows 7 32bit was pre-installed by Dell. I have 4 other identical E5400 at the office, and they all work fine with secondary screens.

I tried switching resolution on monitor from 60 to 75hz, trying a different cable and monitor, messing with the Fn key which switches display modes to external/internal, and checked for an updated driver, but there's no updates available.

What else can I try to fix or diagnose further?

Please advise.
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A ProorocuISMCommented:
Reinstall the video card , then repost with info.

Aurel Proorocu
Not much else to try since it's a laptop, it honestly sounds like a bad video output on the board.  It could be the video RAM or RAMDAC on the integrated video card... but either way you'll need Dell to replace the motherboard on it.

Since you have other identical laptops, and you've tried a different monitor, then you've ruled out the obvious.

Good luck

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Elton BrownCommented:
When was the last time you scanned your system for viruses and with what software?
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Try run a scan just to confirm there are no updates available.
I am assuming you gone into display properties/settings and checked the default monitor options.
Failing that a support call to Dell maybe of use.
Kaptain1Author Commented:
It's a brand new laptop and has Norton 2010, so no viruses so far. It was flickering ever since I took it out of the box and was doing that for the past several weeks...

I checked drivers on Dell's web-site for Windows7, but no updates available.

Yeah, i'll give Dell a call and report back within a week or two.

Some devices can interfere with the video cable signal, causing it to flicker. Have a look what other devices you have around your desktop, and if you do have anything close, just try moving everything as far away as possible from the cable and see what happens.
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