Where to get a sample Scoop of work for Antivirus

Am looking for a sample Scoop of work for Antivirus, I want to give it to my Vendors so they can do / deploy Antivirus in a Professional way,
please help
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xmachineConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As far as I know, the vendor should provide the SoW (Scope of Work) ... not the customer. Scope of work will contain the following:

1. Plan
2. Install
3. Configure
4. Tune
5. Knowledge Transfer and Deliverable Creation
6. Deliverables
7. Success Criteria
8. Project Responsibilities
9. The Client’s Responsibilities
10. Third Party Supplier(s)’ Responsibilities
11. Out-of-Scope Activities
13. Fee Schedule
14. Assumptions
Do you mean "Scope" of Work?  As the anti-virus doesnt really provide a service as a human would, I guess that would be more of what the anti-virus software specifically does... Am I correct in thinking this? Maybe some more specifics, are you looking to created or find a scope of work for specific software, or software you wrote?   Are your vendors looking to sell the software, or apply it to their systems?  Let me know if I am way off base in this.

SeniAuthor Commented:

I have vendors who will come on site and do the deployment of Antivirus, but I need to provide them with the Scope of Work, and really I dont know what to give them, with this ifo can you help with at least a sample of this called Scope of work?

Many thanks,
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PCDOCAZConnect With a Mentor Commented:
So, you want to supply your vendors with something that outlines specifically what you require them to do and what you will or will not do as well...  that is all a "scope of work" or "scope of services" is. Here is some info...


Here are some samples...


Here is a template/ouline to help give you some direction..

SeniAuthor Commented:
Good answers from XMachine
Thanks for the points :)
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