Convert HEX value to a LONG value in Coldfusion


There are several functions out there to convert HEX values to decimals, strings and floats(thanks again @_agx_) and can be found here:

What I need to do is convert the HEX value to a LONG Value.

Thank you very much in advance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Sorry, I missed your last post.  I don't know of any existing udf's for this one.  Assuming you have createObject() access, I'd use java.  I'd also convert it to a date object.  So you can format it however you want.

<cfset str = "(the hex value...)">
<cfset l = createObject("java", "java.lang.Long").parseLong( str, 16 )>
<cfset valueAsDate = createObject("java", "java.util.Date").init( l )>

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Well Hex is Base16, Decimal is Base 10 so:

Example 5a in Hex is 90 in decimal:


Will output 90.

Unfortunately, it's not as simple as that.  I wish it were ;-) I've been working with the asker on another thread with specific test data, and the conversions just do not work out right.  Plus, CF has some issues with the Long type.  Numbers get truncated or bomb entirely once you go above Integer.MAXIMUM_VALUE (which their values routinely do ..)   So the java route is safer all around here.
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stracqanAuthor Commented:
WORKED ABOSULTELY PERFECT AGAIN!!!!!!!! In like an hour I should be finished with my algo :-)

Thank you so very much!!!
stracqanAuthor Commented:
Again, SUBERB!!!!!! Thank you  very much for all of your  help!!!
Awesome.  BTW: It was an interesting api, so I created an algorithm too .. just for fun. If you want to compare notes, feel free to email me (address is in my profile).  I'm curious if mine works properly on real data ;-), but no pressure either way.  I'm just glad I could help. Cheers.
stracqanAuthor Commented:
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