How do you display the Domino address book

We have all information about employees in our Lotus names.nsf

But is there a nice way of displaying this data.

In your Personal address book, you have nice functions like "nicer" display of Buissnis cards and
Right click: "Send message" etc

We are also using an extra names.nsf as an External address book, are there good solutions for handling external contacts, which integrates into the default searches in Lotus address boxes?
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Sjef BosmanConnect With a Mentor Groupware ConsultantCommented:
names.nsf isn't meant to be "nice": is is the most important database of the server and it would be very wise if you don't change it at all. For what purpose do you need Employee records? Are you looking for an HR solution? CRM? There are nice suites, but I'd have to go searching for them.
Go to => "Workspace" in Lotus Notes => Right Click => Open Database => Then Type the Domino Directory or Server name => Then Select the Addres Book
Users can create a local replica of the external address book which is on the server and reference this local replica  in the preferences for searching.
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Ofcourse, you can have alternate address book as one of the option on the server. Pls chekc help for more info.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
If you want to go nicer still, you can think of creating or buying a CRM solution, with all addresses of your clients and partners, plus their mails, the contracts, the deals, the invoices, etc. I built my own CRM in the past, just like many other Notes users. In the old days, Notes used to come with several sample databases: CRM, projects, basic website, etc.
mark_norgeAuthor Commented:
Hello sjef_bosman

Although not the answer i wanted, i was afraid this was the answer.

I had hoped that there was a ready made addressbook, with some better layout and functionality, which i didn't have to make myself, especially since the personal addressbook looks so nice.

Do you have a tips as to any 3rd party solutions?

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