How to step by step configure Exchange 2010 to use with Outlook Anywhere

Dear Experts ;
It is really hard to deploy Exchange 2010 outlook anywhere ... There is no complete step by step screen-shots to figure out this issue ..

1- We have Windows 2008 R2 with Exchange 2010
2- Rpc over Http Proxy ready
3- Outlook Anywere option Enabled in Exchange 2010

4- Last and confusing  steps:
From where to get a single certificate ? How and where to install this certificate ?
How to distribute this certificate to Outlook clients ? How to configure outlook and test the results ?

Please if you want to give support and help ...Do please give me screen shots from a up-running Exchange 2010 server ...And describe me the steps one by one ...Otherwise there is no need to send Microsoft Tecnet Links .... All I need is live running config example with steps ...

Wishing you all the best ...:)

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AkhaterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
well you are almost there

you will need to create a certificate with the public name and autodiscover something like &

to do so you open EMC -> server config, select your CAS server and then click new exchange certificate

this will create a CSR for you.

You will need to buy a 3rd party certificate with this CSR in order not to have to install the certificate manually on all clients
hnetsupportAuthor Commented:
still need support for providing certificate from 3rd party ..

Thanks for the very prompt partially support and help
hnetsupportAuthor Commented:
Dear Akhater  

Thanks  for your support ... Can you please describe me the way step by step  for

EMC  SERVER CONFIG EXCHANGE CERTIFACATES  NEW EXCHANGE CERIFICATE    AFTER this part is not clear  many options to follow up ... where to buy 3d party certificate file  and how to use them here ...

cheers ... please  little bit more step by step leading support ...

with my best wishes ...
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