Increasing ACL size

I am having a site collection which has 2000+ users as unique users.I am getting parameter is incorrect error on my setup due to which search is down on this site.
is there any way to uiincrease the ACL size as i feel it cxan resolve my issue.
i have created the security groups but this solution solves my issue for the time being and it is not advisable to create these groups on my AD.
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There is a maximum size to the ACL you can't exceed it.
prdeshpandeAuthor Commented:
i knew this was coming...thanks anyways...ill still try for something...if i come across ill post it.

but is there any other way where i can stop parameter incorrct error on sharepoint..
Three words: Active Directory Group
But of course you are a not in the market for that answer and you've already created smaller groups and added them to the portal so until your willing to succumb to M$'s Active Directory I'm not sure there is a solution. :-(  Sorry I don't know Bill well enough to get him to change this. :-)


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prdeshpandeAuthor Commented:
Thanks anyways!!
try getting in touch with bill though!!!
prdeshpandeAuthor Commented:
still looking for an alternative
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