No German 'Umlaute' (ä,ö,ü) Query Date from Oracle 10g, via ODBC from VFP9

hello Experts
i have a strange problem
we have to migrate data from oracle 10g to visual Foxpro (yes it's true:-)
the oracle database ist installed on a local pc (developer-version oracle)
the visual foxpro migration-program ist installed on another pc
for connection, the oracle odbc-driver is used
everything works fine, but the german 'Umlaute" are coverted wrong
'a' in place of 'ä', 'o' in place of 'ö', etc.
if we use other software to query via the same ODBC-connenction, it work's!
only the access from the vfp-program do no work correctly
thanks for any advise
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HoneymoonConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
hello experts #2
if solved the problem myself
on every client we have to set the environment-variable
 now it works
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