jpg or any image to wmf - converter (for windows)

     I am looking for freeware jpg to wmf converter. If you know a trusted link please let me know.
     Also if some one could provide me with sample .wmf image (I want to use it as background so will appretiate if its a plan image or otherwise anything will do the job)

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jameslo-txConnect With a Mentor Commented:
ABC Amber Image Converter will do it. There's that one and hundreds more. I'd recommend you just pick your favorite search engine and search on

freeware convert jpeg wmf

SameerMirzaAuthor Commented:
true and I did came accross this link but was looking for something more reliable, secure web coz the security team may wouldnt allow that.
But its ok I will download at home.

thanks for your help
Alan HendersonConnect With a Mentor Retired marine engineerCommented:
If you have - or install - the free LibreOffice or OpenOffice you can do it with the Draw component:
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