IOS Image upload in cisco 1841 router

Can anyone guide me to upload the IOS image which I have already downloaded to my PC (desktop) to cisco 1841 router
kurajeshSenior Systems AnalystAsked:
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GJHopkinsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Assuming the router boots OK at the moment and you have access to it see

for a free tftp server for windows see

greg wardConnect With a Mentor Systems EngineerCommented:
first thing i would do would be to copy all the files form the router so you have these saved.
These files you know work and this is in case your new ios does not work with your current ram/flash.
If you have only one file in the flash this makes it much easier.
once you have set up your tftp server copy the file using the command copy tftp flash
and follow the prompts, it will erase the flash as soon as it can make a connection to the tftp server.
kurajeshSenior Systems AnalystAuthor Commented:
i had done with the vendor support as i was not having enough case studies
kurajeshSenior Systems AnalystAuthor Commented:
please delete this question
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