How do you forward an external port, to a different internal port to a specific IP on a Watchguard X50 Edge?

I have a Watchguard X50 Edge, and am trying to forward an external port to a separate internal port to a specific IP. I can do standard port forwarding, but I'm new to these devices, and cant figure out how to forward (example) 1001 (outside) to IP on port 1000. There is a screen shot of the port forwarding section.
Thanks in advance.
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Static  NAT, also known as port forwarding, is a port-to-host NAT. A host sends a packet from the external network to a port on an external interface. Static  NAT  changes the destination IP address to an IP address and port behind the firewall. If a software application uses more than one port and the ports are selected dynamically, you must either use 1-to-1 NAT, or check whether a proxy on your WatchGuard device manages this kind of traffic. Static  NAT also operates on traffic sent from networks that your WatchGuard device protects.

When you use static NAT, you use an external IP address from your Firebox instead of the IP address from a public server. You could do this because you choose to, or because your public server does not have a public IP address. For example, you can put your SMTP email server behind your WatchGuard device with a private IP address and configure static NAT in your SMTP policy. Your WatchGuard device receives connections on port 25 and makes sure that any SMTP traffic is sent to the real SMTP server behind the Firebox.

   1. Select Firewall > Firewall Policies.

   2. Double-click a policy to edit it.
   3. In the Connections are drop-down list, select Allowed.
      To use static NAT, the policy must let incoming traffic through.
   4. Below the To list, click Add.

   5.  In the Member Type drop-down list, select Static  NAT.

   6. In the External IP address drop-down list, select the external IP address or alias you want to use in this policy.

For example, you can use static NAT for this policy for packets received on only one external IP address. Or, you can use static NAT for packets received on any external IP address if you select the Any-External alias.

   7. Type the Internal IP Address. This is the destination on the trusted or optional network.
   8. If necessary, select the Set internal port to a different port check box. This enables port address translation (PAT).

This feature enables you to change the packet destination not only to a specified internal host but also to a different port. If you select this check box, type the port number or click the up or down arrow to select the port you want to use. This feature is typically not used.

   9. Click OK to close the Add Static NAT dialog box.
      The static NAT route appears in the Members and Addresses list.

  10. Click Save.


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mhdcommunicationsAuthor Commented:
You must be looking at a different firmware/model, because there is no member option anywhere.
Depending on the version of software you are running on your xEdge you can configure NAT to implement port masquerading as well.
From the screenhot you have posted, looks like you are running version 8.x; with this version of the software you would not be able to accomplish what you wish.

If you are using version 11; then you can use system manager where you would get the option to configure different inbound port.

Thank you.
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