Exec Secretary's problems with managed calendar

Our executive secretary manages a VP's calendar with full rights in Outlook 2007.  Previously she reported DST issues so I installed appropriate DST patches for Office 2007.  

I don't think the preceeding is related but she reports the following after asking her for a status:  "Well, I’ve just changed one of (VP's) meetings that did not correct on his calendar. Although I accept for him, it will only accept one week at a time".

So in other words - she goes into his calendar to update a meeting she likely created but does not "see" the update occur on his calendar.  Should she expect to see an immediate update?  Is there a propagation factor or refresh needed of some sort?  Thanks.
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Katie248Connect With a Mentor Commented:
It sounds like this meeting that she is trying to update is a reoccurring meeting.  If this is the case, then when you go to modify a reoccurring meeting there is a popup that appears that asks if you want to open the one occurrence or if you want to open the series.  In order to change all of the meetings, you have to select the 'Open the series' option.  Then any modifications made should be applied to all of the meetings.  

Hope this helps!
LTWadminAuthor Commented:
Thanks!  Will assume you are dead on since no one else has responded with any theories of their own and haven't been able to test this.  
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